Halloween Party & Club Open House @ IYC , Friday Oct 31st

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Halloween Party & Club Open House @ IYC , Friday Oct 31st

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The Halloween Party is back this year!! Island Yacht Club and the Aether Brigade (new club members Corey Holden & Gwynn Tavares + friends)are putting on
The Time Traveler’s Ball
– a party for IYC members and guests –
hosted by The Aether Brigade
Time-Traveling Comedy
October 31st, 8PM to ?
Island Yacht Club

The Aether Brigade are drunken time travelers who have come all the way from 1881 on the Time Ship Simultaneous to relate their adventures through time, give dubious advice about monster hunting, supernatural addictions and showing off their fantastical aethertechnology, such as the Culture Shocker and the Radium Toaster.

The club will be suitably decorated, and I’ll be preparing many delicious complimentary appetizers that will span the reaches of time. Come dressed in time travel themed costume. That could be anything from the caveman days to whatever you can imagine from the future. Just break out your old gear from the 60’s, 70’s, and 80’s if you have to. This event will also be a club Open House, so your family,friends, and especially anyone interested in joining IYC are welcome to attend. Contact iycinfo@yahoo.com for more info. More info on the Aether Brigade can be found here aetherbrigade.com

See you on Halloween!



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