Women’s Sailing

Join us This Year for the 24th Annual Women’s Sailing Seminar: Sept 24 and 25, 2016


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We offer you a fun, relaxing, educational and inspiring weekend in our workshops and on the water with us! Be a lucky winner at our exciting raffle which includes valuable and useful sailing prizes!


Island Yacht Club’s Northern California Women’s Sailing Seminar was created and founded by Mary Quigley and Linda Newland after they attended a women’s sailing seminar down south. They thought, “We need a seminar in Northern California, too!” – where women could learn about sailing from other women. Women’s Sailing Seminar is made possible by the generous donations of instructors, boat owners and sponsors. Each participant’s printed program will include details about our contributors, sponsors and volunteers, to whom we extend a sincere and heartfelt THANK YOU!


Have a great weekend and...“Capture the Power!”
Register by September 2nd and take advantage of the two-day “early bird” discounted fee of $250 which covers two full days including our Saturday workshops, continental breakfasts, lunches, one raffle ticket, binder with class handouts, WSS visor, a goodie bag from our sponsors – plus Sunday sailing! Additional donations are gladly accepted and will help us put on this seminar every year. Registration is first-come, first served. If space is available after September 2nd, registration fees go up to $275 for both days.


Island Yacht Club is an unpretentious, all-volunteer nonprofit yacht club that welcomes all boating enthusiasts! Ask about our IYC introductory Club membership special that runs during the Women’s Sailing Seminar! IYC will waive the usual initiation fee. Your annual dues of just $400 will cover your membership all the way through the end of 2017!


IYC has an add-on Small Boat Program for its members to access a club boat for an additional $150 per year. This fee is prorated to $75 and is good until January 1, 2017. The full annual price of the Small Boat Program will then be due to continue having club boat access.

Saturday Schedule of Events:
Sunday Schedule of Events:
  • 8:30 – 9:55 am Continental Breakfast
  • 10:00 am Sunday Sailing (Lunch provided for ALL activities):
    • Cruise on the SF Bay
    • Racing on the Estuary
    • Session V for Divas of the Bay Track

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Other Resources and Information:
For more information don’t hesitate to contact us: wss@iyc.org
  • Marina Village Inn will offer a discount to those who want to stay local. Please mention you are with the Northern CA Women’s Sailing Seminar when you make your reservation.
  • Past Women’s Sailing Seminar photos are visible on our 2014-WSS Photo Album and on this website’s the tab labeled WSS in 2015 photos.
  • Read more about last year’s seminar from the Sail Couture Blog.
  • Check the Class Descriptions. Follow this link to learn details of each class in the Seminar.
  • Dress: Dress in layers; bring warm outerwear. Wear shoes with non-marking soles.
  • What to Bring: Bring your personal flotation device (PFD) and rain gear for this all-weather event. PFDs are required for all on the water sessions. See special requirements for Navigation Class.
  • Discounted accomodations are available at the Marina Village Inn: 510.523.9450.
  • Transportation: A car is the most convenient way to get to the yacht club. Ample free parking is available in the marina. Coming by boat? Contact Alameda Marina at 510-521-1133 for guest slip information.
  • For more Information: email WSS at wss@iyc.org
  • Become a Sponsor for the WSS.

Event Merchandise
Official Seminar Long Sleeve T-shirt

  • S Gray Long Sleeve T-Shirt $22 incl tax
  • M Gray Long Sleeve T-Shirt $22 incl tax
  • L Gray Long Sleeve T-Shirt $22 incl tax
  • XL Gray Long Sleeve T-Shirt $22 incl tax
  • XXL Gray Long T-Shirt $22 incl tax
  • 3XL Gray Long T-Shirt $22 incl tax
  • 4XL Gray Long T-Shirt $22 incl tax
Official Seminar Green Vest

  • S Green Vest $42 incl tax
  • M Green Vest $42 incl tax
  • L Green Vest $42 incl tax
  • XL Green Vest $42 incl tax
  • XXL Green Vest $50 incl tax
  • 3XL Green Vest $51 incl tax
  • 4XL Green Vest $55 incl tax
Official Seminar Short Sleeve T-shirt

  • S Pink Short Sleeve T-Shirt $15 incl tax
  • M Pink Short Sleeve T-Shirt $15 incl tax
  • L Pink Short Sleeve T-Shirt $15 incl tax
  • XL Pink Short Sleeve T-Shirt $15 incl tax
  • XXL Pink Short T-Shirt $15.25 incl tax
  • 3XL Pink Short T-Shirt $15.40 incl tax
  • 4XL Pink Short T-Shirt $15.70 incl tax

Official Coffee Mug

  • Coffee Mug $20 incl tax
Official Seminar Jewelry

  • Promise earrings $22.88 incl tax
  • Medio necklace on the 18” antiqued chain $51.48 incl tax
  • Leeward Swing Locket on a 30″ long chain, $34.32 incl tax
  • Maritime Rope Bracelets, adjustable rope $21.45 incl tax
    Available Styles:

    • Black
    • Blue Multi

All Jewelery will have the image of San Francisco on it.

Classes for 2016:

  • Beginner Track
  • Crew Track
  • Sailor Track
  • Divas of the Bay
  • Spinnaker Track
  • Racing Track
  • Custom Schedule:
    • Buying a Boat and Living Aboard I and II
    • Navigation I and II
    • Suddenly Single-Handed I and II
    • Maintanence and Rigging
    • Weather
    • Multihull Sailing

Class Information
Click Here for all Class Descriptions

Saturday Class Schedule Session I
Saturday 9:30-11:00
Session II
Saturday 11:15-12:45
Session III
Saturday 2:15-3:45
Session IV
Saturday 4:00-5:30
Session V
Sunday 10:00-4:00
Beginner Track Dockside
Boat Speak

An introduction to Nautical terminology, learn good boating habits, and knots including a bowline, round turn, and half hitch.

Basic Sailing

Theory of how to change jim and main sail shape.

On the Water
Basic Sailing

Time to hoist the sails and actually do it.

On the Water
Continuation of Session III

Practice at the helm and on the winches, basic sail trim, tacking and jibing

On the Water
Bay Cruise or Estuary Race

Crew Track On the Water
Safety and Terminology Review

Safely board and step off a boat. Review terminology, rigging for an estuary day sail. Leave dock and practice tacking and jibing. Using Points of Sail diagram, trim jib and main to wind direction.

On the Water
Continuation of Session 1

Practice sailing, tacking, and jibing as both crew and helmsperson. Issue commands as helmsperson to adjust sheet tensions to match wind speed and direction.


Review bowline, round turn and half hitch knots. Learn the clove hitch and reefing.


Review directional terms, rigging. Checklists for boat equipment and crew briefing before leaving the dock. Casting off procedures.

On the Water
Bay Cruise or Estuary Race

SailorTrack Classroom

Nautical terminology, procedures for tacking, jibing. Review safety procedures. Learn to use a VHF radio and advanced sail trim.

Preparation for a Daysail

Rig boat including reefing and using basic knots. Discuss rigging for short- handed sailing. Use VHF radio. Adjust boat and sail parts to change sail shape.

On the Water
Sail Practice

Tacking, jibing and adjusting sail trim to wind direction and conditions. Use VHF radio to hail another class boat.

On the Water
Continuation of Session III

On the Water
Bay Cruise or Estuary Race

Divas of the Bay Track

A Two-Day Intensive Course for Intermediate to Advanced Sailors

On the Water
Crew Overboard

Learn how to prepare crew (if any), anticipate and communicate a course of action, spot, rescue and retrieve a person of any size from the water using the boat as an aid to bring the victim aboard and deal with hypothermia. Hands-on practice using the Lifesling device.

On the Water
Continuation of Crew Overboard


Procedures for docking and anchoring.

Basic Navigation Rules of the Road

Right of Way rules, nautical charts and symbols. Plan basic courses to arrive at a destination using a chart. Continue to use VHF radio.

On the Water

Putting it all Together

Spinnaker Track Dockside
The Big Kite

Details of theory and practice to get the most out of the spinnaker sail.

Spinnaker Equipment

Boat Rigging and packing the turtle bag. Practice hoisting and dousing the sail.

On the Water
Flying the Chute

Hoist, douse the jib and trim the spinnaker sail.

On the Water
Continuation of Session III

On the Water
Bay Cruise or Estuary Race

Racing Classroom
Intro to Racing

Details of theory and practice to get the most out of the big kite.

Racing Rules and Starts

Rules of the Road, start sequencing, pre-race and start tactics.

On the Water
Crew Positions

Crew positions during tacking and jibing, adjusting boat hardware and other equipment to attain maximum sail trim as weather conditions change while practice racing.

On the Water
Race Practice

Practice start sequences and racing around marks.

On the Water
Bay Cruise or Estuary Race


Advance registration required

Buying a Boat and Living Aboard

Ins and outs of purchasing a vessel and living on it. Buying, Survey, Insurance, Storage.

Continuation of Session 1

RV Living-boat procedures for everyday life from turning on the water to using the head. Learn electrical, plumbing and galley systems.

Boat Maintenance Engines

Diesel or Outboard maintenance.

Boat Maintenance Rigging

Keep a vessel ship shape and safe. Maintain boat, lines, sails and rigging evaluating structural integrity and make replacements as needed.

On the Water
Bay Cruise or Estuary Race


Advance registration required

On the Water
Suddenly Single-Handed

Prepare for the worst before you leave the dock and return using your own knowledge.


What causes weather and how to predict it with and without electronics.

Navigation 1

Read charts, use aids to navigation, latitude and longitude. Prepare to dead reckon during a voyage.

Navigation 2 Rules of the Road

Continuation of Session III

On the Water
Bay Cruise or Estuary Race


Advance registration required
Successful completion of Divas on the Bay or equivalent experience.

On the Water

On the Water

On the Water

This half day workshop will prepare advanced participants for new sailing opportunities and flatter fun which may influence the kind of boat chosen when chartering locally or globally or outright purchasing a new boat.

On the Water
Multihull Continuation of Session III

Continuation of Session III

On the Water
Bay Cruise or Estuary Race

*Advanced registration required. Must register by September 9th. WSS reserves the right to cancel any class if there are too few participants registered