Comments are Open! Please give us your feedback

I’ve re-opened the comment function on our site. We’d really like to hear from all our members, former members, prospective members, race participants, friends, etc. about what you think of IYC’s new website and IYC activities in general. Any feedback will be appreciated: likes, dislikes, suggestions, requests; bring it on. We’d love to know who’s visiting, but if you want to remain anonymous that’s ok. You don’t have to fill in your real name(or any name)or your email in the fields to post a comment. The only catch to this open process is that your comments won’t appear instantly on the page, they’ll all be (human)reviewed first to weed out the inevitable spam. It shouldn’t take more than a day. You can use this post as the general comment box for now. You’ll also have the ability to comment on all posts going forward.


5 comments to Comments are Open! Please give us your feedback

  • Patrick Dailey

    Is the IYC going to close due to the sale of the surrounding land to developers ?

    • Trev

      IYC IS OPEN and is wrapping up another successful year. We haven’t heard any definitive word from the property owners one way or the other regarding IYC’s long term future. In the meantime, we continue to conduct our full program of activities & events. Our next big event is Oktoberfest 10/15/16 starting @ 5:30pm. Come visit us!!

  • Trev

    We need donations of photos and a dedicated photographer/blogger for these events. If you have some pics to share, or want to be an event blogger, let us know.

  • Brian

    More photos from recent events!

  • WOW! A Wilderness 22 division on Friday nights. I sure hope we get everyone to come out: Slice, Take 5, Gold Rush, Tinker… Game ON!!! Watch-out for those squirrely estuary wind vortexes and close hauled tacking duels. I look forward to the competition.


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