2013 Sadie Hawkins Race

RESULTS A windy day on the Estuary! The boats were sent around twice. Corrected times are shown.

A FLEET (spinnaker)

3rd Place: Suzanne Lee, Bandido 2:43:35

2nd Place: Lucie Mewes, Mirage 2:42:59

1st Place: Cindy Delmas, Another Girl 2:38:50

B FLEET (non-spinnaker)

4th Place: Kristen Soetebier, Pueo 3:09:15

3rd Place: Gen DuLac, Taz! 3:01:30

2nd […]

2014 WSS Information

Join IYC for the 22nd Annual Northern California Women’s Sailing Seminar Sept 20-21, 2014

Take a look at the pictures on Flickr, and watch for our 2014 information! (Send us an Email and we’ll add you to our list to let you know.) For more information don’t hesitate to contact us: wss@iyc.org

2012/2013 Women’s […]

8 Bells for IYC’s First Commodore

In the sailing community, the death of a friend or family member is often recognized by an “Eight Bells” ceremony. The idea comes from the days of a sailor’s watch being marked each hour by the ringing of a bell: 2 bells at the end of the first hour, 4 at the second, 6 at […]

The 2013 Alameda Circumnavigation Cruise

Quite a few IYC’ers took part in this year’s event, whether on the water, blacktopping, or hosting the great breakfast at the clubhouse! Dave wrote that up for his blog on TheAlamedan.org HERE:


And you can view our set of photographs at our Flickr site HERE:


(You can view that as a Slide […]


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Our photograph Flicker site is always available! Just go to http://tinyurl.com/iycphotos . (That link will open a new browser window.)

We have lots of pictures from the New Year’s Day Alameda Circumnavigation […]

Fun IYC Crab Feed!

Greetings from your Treasurer & occasional Galley Person,

Well, IYC’s Annual Crab Feed 2013 was a great success and a heck of a lot of fun. We had a packed house, and the quality of the local Dungeness crab this year was outstanding. I have to admit, I’ve caught and eaten a lot of crustaceans […]

Our First Edition!


In the December MAINSHEET, I told you about some upcoming changes in how IYC communicates with (and between) our members. This blog post is the first example of what we’re working on. My apologies for the long delay; I wasn’t sure whether to do this now or try […]

Social Events

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Island Racing!

by John New, Racing Chair / Vice Commodore

(Submitted Feb. 4 2013)

The December Island Days was well attended. After some delays the race got off with pretty good winds for this time of year.

Wuvulu is still without a motor so we warped her out of the slip. I got in Kristen’s Santana 22 […]