Welcome to the Island Yacht Club’s clubhouse in Second Life®!  “SL” is a virtual world created by the San Francisco company Linden Lab. SL is a vast digital space where people, through their avatars, work, play and learn just about anything--including yachting.

This Website will explain what IYC-SL is, and what we do (or might do).  But by far the best way to experience our virtual home is to join Second Life for free and try it for yourself.  IYC/IYC-SL 2011 Commodore Dave Bloch (avatar name Dale Irata) will be happy to help you get started.

THANK YOU to Don Berithos of Golden Gate Yacht Club in Second Life for getting IYC-SL started and building our first clubhouse for us!  He used the photo on our Website as a model for our first virtual building (even including our flagpole). In December 2011, we followed the GGYC-SL into their new community modeled after Naples Italy, home of the April 2012 America’s Cup World Series. If you’re a Resident of SL, just log in and click this link to come visit our new home!  http://maps.secondlife.com/secondlife/Balista/107/73/39


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